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We think so.

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Symposia Panelists

Ludger Viefhues-Bailey Ludger Viefhues-Bailey
Karl Hefty Karl Hefty
Yves De Maeseneer Yves De Maeseneer

Symposia Panelists

Oona Eisenstadt Oona Eisenstadt
Martin Kavka Martin Kavka
Deborah Achtenberg Deborah Achtenberg

Symposia Panelists

Leigh Vicens Leigh Vicens
Olli-Pekka Vainio Olli-Pekka Vainio
Paul Griffiths Paul Griffiths
Darren Kennedy Darren Kennedy

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Symposia Panelists

Mark Douglas Mark Douglas
Angela Cowser Angela Cowser
Christian Collins Winn Christian Collins Winn
James Byrd James Byrd

Symposia Panelists

Crispin Fletcher-Louis Crispin Fletcher-Louis
Oliver Crisp Oliver Crisp
Lucy Peppiatt Lucy Peppiatt
Dru Johnson Dru Johnson

Symposia Panelists

Angie Heo Angie Heo
Armando Salvatore Armando Salvatore
Camille Robcis Camille Robcis
Elizabeth Castelli Elizabeth Castelli
John Modern John Modern

Symposia Panelists

Elias Ortega-Aponte Elias Ortega-Aponte
Mary Doak Mary Doak
Todd Walakta Todd Walakta
Samuel Cruz Samuel Cruz

Symposia Panelists

Linn Tonstad Linn Tonstad
Alex Dubilet Alex Dubilet
Lynne Huffer Lynne Huffer
Kent Brintnall Kent Brintnall
Sean Larsen Sean Larsen

Symposia Panelists

Sara R. Farris Sara R. Farris
S. Sayyid S. Sayyid
Murad Idris Murad Idris
Leticia Sabsay Leticia Sabsay
Alberto Toscano Alberto Toscano