Symposium Introduction


Meghan J. Clark
Patrick Riordan
Elizabeth Pyne
Dritëro Demjaha
Vincent Miller
Bharat Ranganathan



Today’s regnant global economic and cultural system, neoliberal capitalism, demands that life be led as a series of sacrifices to the market. Send Lazarus’s theological critique wends its way through four neoliberal crises: environmental destruction, slum proliferation, mass incarceration, and mass deportation, all while plumbing the sacrificial and racist depths of neoliberalism.


Reviews and Endorsements

This book is one of the best theological engagements with economics available. The critique of neoliberalism is spot-on: It is a type of class warfare that does not shrink the state but empowers it to protect the market from the people. The market is sublime and cannot be controlled by people. Neoliberalism is thus a type of theology for a deified market, and Eggemeier and Fritz respond with a compelling Christian theology of a God who wants mercy, not sacrifice. If you want a vision of a world beyond today’s suffering and inequality, read this book.

– William T. Cavanaugh, DePaul University

[T]his book is required reading for those interested in theological responses to neoliberalism or concerned with social injustice. Highly recommended.

– Choice

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