Syndicate is home to burgeoning intellectual community working within the humanities. It is a rapidly expanding network of scholars who are interested in not merely reviewing one another’s work, but engaging it with substance. It is a discursive space where mutual inquiry and collaboration are encouraged and nourished.

How it works

Modeled upon conference symposia, these dialogues focus on particular books and provide substantial critical engagement from a group of scholars whose interest intersect with the book being featured. Syndicate originally began by using recent publications in theological studies as a point of departure for addressing and engaging open questions in contemporary theology and ethics. As of 2016, we are expanding our focus towards the humanities at large.

These forums are intended to provide significant attention and space for ongoing dialogue between these participants and the general public. We hope that the conversations of Syndicate will serve to create accessibility within academic thought and research, while at the same time drawing critical attention to important publications in the humanities.

Why it exists

The model of the academic journal continues to be conceived in terms of quarterly print editions focused on essays and brief book reviews. Syndicate aims to provide a new forum that operates as a generative, discursive “space” for discourse in the humanities, re-contextualized as a digital and social media platform.

Who Is It For

Syndicate exists for those working in humanities and for those who benefit from that work.

Comment Policy

Syndicate exists to give scholars in humanities a forum for discourse on a range of topics from a variety of diverse perspectives. As such, it is central that all contributions to those discussions be irenic, productive, and respectful. We keep the symposia “closed” to comments between featured panelists in any given symposium, but we provide dialogical space for reader comments that runs parallel to our symposia. We hope that this will encourage all our readers to offer their perspectives, raise their questions, and weigh in on the discussion.

This is an online forum modeled after forums at an academic conference, as such there will be:

No anonymous posts
No trolling
No name calling or personal and derogatory comments

Syndicate Theology’s editorial staff reserves the right to moderate all comments accordingly.