Symposium Introduction


Mark Jordan
Hanna Reichel
Rebecca Spurrier
Craig A. Ford, Jr.
Jennifer Awes Freeman



Academic theology is in need of a new genre. In Transgressive Devotion Natalie Wigg-Stevenson articulates a theological vision of that genre as performance art. She argues that theology done as performance art stops trying to describe who God is, and starts trying to make God appear. Offering a daring vision of theology which will energise anybody feeling ‘boxed in’ by the discipline, Wigg-Stevenson blurs borders between orthodoxy, heterodoxy and heresy to reveal how the very act of doing theology makes God and humanity vulnerable to each other. This is theology which is a liturgy of Divine incantation. In other words: this is theology which is also prayer.


Reviews and Endorsements

“This is a mesmerising and suggestive book that reworks what it means to be a theologian” — Pete Ward, Durham University, UK

“Transgressive Devotion will take your breath away, at first, but it will return it to you in new form and with new energy, if you follow where it leads. With Wigg-Stevenson as your guide and muse, you’re invited on a pilgrimage through (in)famous performance art pieces and real-life theological discussions. By keeping company with others feared and familiar, ancient and contemporary, Wigg-Stevenson seeks to open herself and her readers to new ways of being faithful. Beautifully written, profound, and moving.” — Ellen T. Armour, Vanderbilt Divinity School, USA

“Gorgeous, moving, and marvelously queering, Wigg-Stevenson’s work feels like falling through a series of trap doors located at the foundations of our faith” — Emily Scott, Pastor, Dreams and Visions, Baltimore

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