Syndicate is a new forum for scholars to collaborate and comment on their research. 


By transforming the model of the academic journal—which continues to be conceived in terms of quarterly print editions focused on essays and brief book reviews—and re-conceiving it in the more personal and comprehensive terms of digital and social media, Syndicate provides a new forum for theological discourse. Modeled upon conference symposia, these dialogues focus on particular books and provide substantial critical engagement from a group of scholars whose interest intersect upon the book being featured. These forums are intended to provide significant attention and space for ongoing dialogue between these participants, and ultimately the theological guild at large. We hope that the conversations of Syndicate will serve to revive the original aim of theological publication, which was to promote the common cause of theological study within the nexus of robust discourse while at the same time drawing critical attention to important publications in theology.



Christian Amondson

Christian Amondson

Managing Editor

Christian is a native of the Northwest. He attended college in Portland (BA, Warner Pacific College), graduate school in Vancouver, BC (MCS, Regent College), taught at a classical Christian high school in Hillsboro, and now lives in Eugene. Christian is a member of Church of the Servant King, a “live-together” Christian church with congregations in Eugene and Portland. He and his lovely wife, Katie, are pretty busy these days chasing after their son, but when he is not doing that he works as an Acquisitions Editor for Wipf and Stock Publishers, watches the Ducks score touchdowns, and works into the night on Syndicate.


Joshua B. Davis

Josh earned his PhD at Vanderbilt University and is Asst. Professor of Systematic Theology at General Theological Seminary in Manhattan, New York. His scholarly work focuses on contemporary theologies of grace and creation and he has special interests in the intimate relationship between theology, spiritual practice, and creative social transformation. He is co-editor with Douglas Harink of Apocalyptic and the Future of Theology: With and Beyond J. Louis Martyn (Cascade Books) and the author of Waiting and Being: Creation, Freedom, and Grace in Western Theology (Fortress Press, 2013).


Kendall Cox

Kendall Cox a doctoral candidate in Theology, Ethics, and Culture at the University of Virginia. She received her BA in Religion and Studio Art from Wake Forest University before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia to complete her MDiv at Regent College. Kendall is in the midst of writing a dissertation on the Parable of the Prodigal Son in the theologies of Julian of Norwich and Karl Barth, in which she develops Paul Ricoeur’s phenomenological theory of intertextuality, arguing for the coherence of Julian and Barth’s otherwise unprecedented readings of the story. Kendall is also a painter and printmaker and chairs the board of a local arts non-profit called the New City Arts Initiative.


Robb Beck

Robb completed his Masters degree in Systematic Theology from Regent College (Vancouver, BC) under the supervision of Dr. Hans Boersma. His academic interests included Nouvelle Théologie, Philosophical Theology, Patristics, and Anglican social theory. He now resides in Portland, Oregon where he works in the communications industry as a media analyst and moonlights as an independent scholar. Robb is also involved in non-profit projects that help faith-based communities engage homelessness.


Silas Morgan

Silas is currently an Arthur J. Schmitt Fellow in the Department of Theology at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. As a doctoral candidate, his dissertation research centers on the relation of ideology to theology in political-theological perspective, with close intersectional analysis from both critical theory and continental philosophy. Major figures of interest and study include Theodor Adorno, Jacques Derrida, Slavoj Zizek, and Judith Butler. But he’s not just an egghead. If he could be anything when he grows up, he’d be a cicerone (which is to beer what a sommelier is to wine). He’s been reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides for the last five months, but doesn’t like it. He is trying to finish it before his partner of ten years, Laura, gives birth to their first little one in early fall.


SueJeanne Koh

SueJeanne is a doctoral student in theology and ethics at Duke Divinity School, with interests incl
uding systematic theology, feminist and womanist theologies, and critical theories. Her dissertation project enters into the contemporary debate on the ethics of sacrifice by exploring the relationship between sacrifice and memory. She is a member of the PC(USA) and lives in Baltimore, Maryland.


Tyler DeLong

Tyler is currently a graduate student in Theology at the University of Dayton. His studies have oriented around ecclesial and sacramental practice , spatial theory, and the intersection of theology, human ecology, and economics. He lives in inner-city Dayton, Ohio where he, his beautiful wife Holly, and their three super-rad kids (Olivia, Josiah, and Malachi Francis) share life in a community committed to re-envisioning a “return to the land” in an urban context. When he doesn’t have his nose in a book, he loves to spend time in the forest with his children, toil in wood-craft, and grow and ferment all sorts of food. Tyler and his family also participate in the life of their neighborhood parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church.


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University of Virginia

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Vanderbilt University

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St Mellitus College


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Independent Scholar

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Loyola University Maryland


Dave Belcher

The General Theological Seminary


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IVP Academic


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Duke Divinity School


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Centre of Theology and Philosophy

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Duke University


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University of Notre Dame

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Palmer Theological Seminary


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Pepperdine University

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McCormick Theological Seminary

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Wipf and Stock Publishers

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Loyola University Maryland


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Cranbrook Kingswood
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University of Roehampton


Ward Blanton

University of Kent


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