Syndicate Theology is very excited to introduce its new social media coordinator, the Rev. Dr. Kara Slade. Kara is currently a PhD student in theology and ethics in the Graduate Program in Religion at Duke University. Ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church, she also serves as vicar of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Laurinburg, NC. She holds the PhD in mechanical engineering and materials science, also from Duke, and has worked in the aerospace engineering field in both academic and government research contexts.
Kara writes, “I am truly excited about the next chapters in the Syndicate project. From its beginning, it has been a site of experimentation, of honest conversation, and of Christian community. That isn’t always an easy space to hold, but I think Syndicate is doing amazing, exciting work. It has become a regular part of my reading, and I hope even more people will make it part of their theological habits.”
We look forward to a fun collaboration between Syndicate Theology and Dr. Kara Slade as we continue develop our social media presence.