Vita Emery

Vita Emery is a PhD candidate and teaching fellow in the Philosophy department at Fordham University in New York City. She is currently working with John Davenport on her dissertation, which has the working title “Towards an Existentialist Ethics: Identity and Social Scripts.” In this work she is focused on the tenuous relationship between freedom and social context or situation in a subject’s life. Specifically, she is looking at the existential tradition’s construal of bad faith and examining how an understanding of social scripts might help a subject avoid bad faith. Social scripts as a concept is meant to capture the way that social customs, stereotypes, and myths about certain identities shape the way that a subject will be treated by others, but also affects the way that the same subject will interact with others. She is interested in how social scripts effect the relationships between those subjects who have very different amounts of social power. In her ongoing research, she aims to develop new feminist critiques using the concept of social scripts.

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