Oliver Crisp

Oliver D. Crisp, professor of systematic theology, joined Fuller Seminary’s faculty in 2011. He is also a professorial fellow at the Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology, University of St Andrews, Scotland. He is currently heading up a major $2 million dollar three-year research project entitled “Prayer, Love, and Human Nature: Analytic Theology for Theological Formation.” This has been funded through the generosity of the John Templeton Foundation (see: http://analytictheologyfuller.org.) Crisp is also an editor of the Journal of Analytic Theology, and coeditor with Professor Michael Rea of the Oxford Studies in Analytic Theology, published by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Crisp has published many articles in professional journals including the Journal of the American Academy of Religion,Theological Studies, Religious Studies, Scottish Journal of Theology, and International Journal for Systematic Theology, among others. He has edited or coedited ten books and is the author of ten monographs, including Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology (2014), Jonathan Edwards Among the Theologians (2015), and The Word Enfleshed: Exploring the Person and Work of Christ (2016).

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