James Carleton Paget

James Carleton Paget studied as a graduate in the universities of Cambridge and of T├╝bingen, Germany. Since the early 1990s he has been a lecturer in Cambridge University and a Fellow and Tutor of Peterhouse, one of the Cambridge colleges. Dr Carleton Paget’s┬áresearch interests focus on Jewish-Christian relations in antiquity, ancient Jewish Christianity, so-called inter-testamental Judaism (understood roughly as the history of Judaism from Alexander the Great to the writing of the Mishnah) and the history of ancient biblical interpretation. He has a particular interest in the life and thought of Albert Schweitzer, which partially complements a more general interest in the historiography of New Testament scholarship. He is currently compiling a collection of studies on Schweitzer, co-writing a book on the debate about Jesus’ existence which broke out in Germany in 1910, and seeking to author a book on the evolution of second-century Christianity.

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