Timothy J. Furry and Ethan D. Smith

Timothy J. Furry is Instructor of Religion and Philosophy and Chaplain at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Furry is currently working on a monograph in philosophy of history and historiography, more specifically getting clear on our concepts of the past and history through Wittgenstein and Ordinary Language Philosophy. However, his research interests are ultimately theological and span across patristic and medieval theology and biblical exegesis, contemporary theology and philosophy, and 20th century historical theory. His work’s overarching purposes are aimed at making ancient forms of Christian biblical exegesis persuasive in our contemporary intellectual milieu. Along with articles, book chapters, and reviews, he has most recently published Allegorizing History: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis, and Historical Theory and is the co-editor of Ecclesiology and Exclusion: Boundaries of Being and Belonging in Postmodern Time. Furry has been happily married for over 10 years; he and his wife, Corrie, have three young sons: Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thaddeus. He is also an avid fan of rap music.

Ethan D. Smith recently completed a Ph.D. in Theology in the Religious Studies department of the University of Dayton. Smith’s research interests include mystical theologies and readings of the Scriptures, mystical Christologies and anthropologies, philosophical theology, and philosophical logic.  He is currently editing his dissertation on apophatic and mystical theologies and the philosophy of language for publication. He is also co-writing a book on “Christophanic exegesis” of the Scriptures for pastors and educated lay-persons. Furthermore, he is planning a project utilizing mystical and philosophical traditions to critically examine and explore the use of the doctrine of divine providence for the sake of seeking and imparting consolation. Smith is an ordained pastor who lives, works, and ministers in the rust belt city of Springfield, OH.

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