Susie Hayward

Susie Hayward, FRSA originally studied law and then trained as a barrister. She later retrained as a humanistic psychologist (USA) and then as a psychotherapist (UK). She also studied theology for three years.. She worked for the Diocese of Westminster in adult religious education and then for the Diocese of Hong Kong in retreats and adult formation. After returning to the UK she acted as psychologist in residence and formator at an English Monastic community. She then served for six years on the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission. She has worked internationally (US, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea and Norway) with religious professionals in formation, retreats, lecturing, addiction work, psychosexual matters and other therapeutic areas including working with victim/survivors of sexual abuse. She has regularly worked with clergy, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Norwegian Lutheran. She has also supervised senior staff in a number of settings including a hostel for domestically violated women and a prostitues’ drop-in centre (London). She has taught graduate courses at the interface of psychology and spirituality. She has recently been a key witness for the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. She has published a number of articles and essays. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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