Shannon Gilreath

Shannon Gilreath is a gay liberationist and feminist scholar based at Wake Forest University, in North Carolina, where he is tenured in two schools as Professor of Law (School of Law) and Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (College of Arts and Sciences). He specializes in gay rights issues under domestic and international (criminal and constitutional) law. In 2017, Jeffrey Rosen of the American Constitution Center called him “one of America’s most influential First Amendment scholars.” His theory of anti-identity speech is reflected in the 9th Circuit’s approach to anti-gay speech in public schools, and his article on the speech implications of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was widely debated in the advent of the statute’s repeal. Professor Gilreath served as an advisor to the Pentagon’s working group to repeal DADT under the Obama administration.  Professor Gilreath’s scholarly books include Sexual Orientation and Identity: Political and Legal Analysis (2016); The End of Straight Supremacy (2011); Sexual Politics (2006); and Sexual Identity and the Law in Context (2007, 2011 (2ed.)). He is widely cited and published in academic journals and the popular press. Professor Gilreath consults on cases and legislation nationally and internationally and maintains an active public lecture schedule.

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