Marlon Millner

Marlon Millner is a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University in religious studies. Marlon works at the intersection of political and constructive theology, African-American and black diaspora studies, and contemporary theory. Broadly, he is interested in theology’s discursive constitution of modernity as anti-blackness, and therefore the black sacred, including expressions of AfroChristianities as excessive to, and not constituted by theology. In particular, Marlon is working towards a dissertation project focused on Pentecostalism as a transnational movement of diaspora, which grounds itself in exile — human fulfillment beyond a theologically constituted modernity. Pentecostalism offers disruption of the theological-biopolitical formations of race, sex and gender, which presage Pentecostalism’s early 20th century emergence, and reveal blackness as the out-of-nothing which Pentecostals enflesh. Marlon earned an M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School and a B.A. from Morehouse College. He blogs at www.humuse.me, or follow him on Twitter @MarlonMillner.

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