Katarina Bogosavljevic and Jennifer M. Kilty

Katarina Bogosavljevic is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, working under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer M. Kilty. Her research interests include the criminalization of HIV nondisclosure, the sociology of emotions, critical victimology, and affect theory. Her work has been published in journals such as Crime, Media, Culture and Emotions and Society.

Jennifer M. Kilty is Professor in the Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa. A critical prison studies scholar, her edited and authored books include: Demarginalizing Voices: Commitment, Emotion and Action in Qualitative Research (2014, UBC Press), Within the Confines: Women and the Law in Canada (2014, Women’s Press), Containing Madness: Gender and ‘Psy’ in Institutional Contexts (2018, Palgrave), and the Enigma of a Violent Woman: A Critical Examination of the Case of Karla Homolka (2016, Routledge).

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