Juliana Chow

Juliana Chow is an Assistant Professor of English at Saint Louis University.  Her research constellates around how long nineteenth-century American cultural forms mediate and interact with scientific and environmental concepts.  Her book-in-progress Diminishment: Partial Readings in the Casualties of Natural History, looks at how writers such as Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, and James McCune Smith, among others, engaged with scientific concepts concerning the transfer of life such as “species,” “race,” “succession,” and “disjunction.”  Diminishment threads an alternate, recessed history against settlement in the mid-nineteenth century and charts how partial and incomplete forms of literature she calls “sketches” posit an ecological materialism attentive to open-ended dispersals rather than a progression toward wholeness.  She has published scholarly essays in Arizona Quarterly, ESQ, and the anthology Anthropocene Reading, creative nonfiction in the LA Review of Books, and has held a research fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society.

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