Giovanni Menegalle and Danilo Scholz

Giovanni Menegalle is British Academy Research Fellow in the Department of French at King’s College London. Before joining KCL, he completed a PhD on Derrida and phenomenology at the University of Cambridge and was Lecteur at the Université de Paris 7 – Denis Diderot. His current project looks at critiques of technocracy and technological culture in 20th-century French philosophy and the human sciences, and he is also writing on the reception of cybernetics and information theory in postwar French thought.

Danilo Scholz specializes in modern European intellectual history. His recent research focussed on how insights in fields such as ethnology, geography and psychoanalysis influenced concepts and critiques of the state in French postwar thought. He is currently a Fulbright Schuman Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University where he works on a monograph that reconstructs the administrative career of the Russian-born philosopher and civil servant Alexandre Kojève.

Curated Symposia