Erica Weitzman

Erica Weitzman teaches in the Department of German at Northwestern University. Her research focuses on questions of ethics and aesthetics in the long nineteenth century. Her first book, Irony’s Antics: Walser, Kafka, Roth, and the German Comic Tradition (Northwestern University Press, 2015), explores the role of the comic in early twentieth-century German literature and its roots in romantic irony’s challenge to idealist thinking. She also co-edited the collected volume Suspensionen. Über das Untote (Fink, 2015), whose essays consider aspects of “the undead” as a figure that destabilizes both the life/death binary and the epistemological regimes that it structures. Her current project, At the Limit of the Obscene: German Realism and the Disgrace of Matter (Northwestern University Press, 2021), examines the concept of obscenity as a question of representation, perception, ontology, and affect in the context of the history of German realism from Stifter to Kafka.

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