Alison Ann Springle and Alessandra Buccella

Alison Ann Springle is a graduate student in the department of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. She is also completing a certificate through Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition. Alison works primarily in the philosophy of mind, psychology, and cognitive (neuro) science. Her primary work focuses on perception and naturalizing intentionality. She has satellite projects dealing with epistemic and scientific realisms, objectivity and the representation of space and time, non-visual sense modalities and sensory individuation, consciousness, methodological questions concerning mental representation and consciousness, and the nature of knowledge-how.


Alessandra Buccella is a graduate student in the Philosophy Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Her interest lies in the philosophy of mind and perception, at the intersection with psychology and cognitive science. She mainly focuses on issues regarding the phenomenology of perceptual experience, perceptual presence, and objectivity. Her main influences are Merleau-Ponty, embodied cognitive science, enactivism, and naive realism. She has side projects regarding the perception of sounds and musical experience.

Curated Symposia